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J.Android Orange

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J1544B 014BU C7213 Orange

J. Androit is a running shoe for boys. It is a stylish sneakers with an Android light model. Breathable and comfortable to keep up with the active lives of boys, the J Android is presented to you as a high-tech shoe placed on a transparent running shoe-style outsole.
The breathability of the outsole creates a comfortable feeling for the foot. This model is guaranteed by the patented Geox system. The TR outsole provides a lightweight build, durability and excellent traction.The sole of the foot can be removed for hygiene and practicality.
The sole of the foot is crafted with non-toxic chrome-free leather to keep the foot feeling dry and comfortable at all times.The single Velcro strap closure and elastic laces make it easy to slide and adjust, making it easy to don and take off.


  • Easy to put on,
  • Lights with on / off button,
  • Antibacterial insole,
  • Removable insole in chrome-free leather,
  • Velcro strap,
  • Red / Royal color

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